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For more than 15 years, Anthony Olson, P.A. has helped individuals with internationally recognized talent to obtain the P-1 visa necessary to enter the United States. If you are an athlete who competes individually or with a team, or if you are an entertainer who performs with a group that has received worldwide recognition, our firm offers legal representation that can competently guide you through the immigration process.

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This includes:

Evidence of International Recognition

Evidence of international recognition can be shown by presenting a signed agreement with a major athletic organization in the United States, or a contract in an individual sport.

In addition to this, a foreign individual must satisfy two of the following requirements:

  • They participated in a prior season with a major U.S. sports league or team
  • They participated with a U.S. team in an international competition
  • They have played a prior season for a U.S. college
  • Their team has been recognized in a statement from an official in a U.S. sports league
  • A member of the media or a recognized expert in the sport has made a statement that details the applicant’s international recognition
  • The individual or team is internationally ranked
  • The individual or team has received significant honors or awards in the sport

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