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What Is an H-1B1 Visa?

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The H-1B1 visa applies to persons who wish to perform specialty services in the United States such as cooperative research, development projects, or other areas that require distinguished abilities.

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What Positions Qualify as a Specialty Occupation?

Specialty occupations are defined by the U.S. federal government to help with your immigration status.

In order for a position to be recognized as a specialty occupation, the job must require the equivalent of a BA, at minimum, or a foreign equal, as a typical industry requirement.

Furthermore, the applicant must satisfy one of the following requirements in order to qualify for a specialty occupation:

  • They must hold a BA, foreign equivalent, or higher degree
  • The requirements of the occupation are adequately filled by their education
  • They hold a state license, certification, or registration that removes any limitations when they are working
  • The visa applicant has had training or work experience and has participated in positions that relate to the occupation

To hire a qualified candidate for a H-1B1 vise, any potential employer should have an authorized ETA-9035 form, an approved Labor Certification Application, an I-129 form, and a Petition for a Non-immigrant Worker. These forms can be drafted and filed with help from our immigration lawyer in our Sarasota or North Fort Myers offices.

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